• The value of money over time

    Money is a strange thing; it behaves in weird ways. And the more you uncover its mechanics, the stranger it becomes, and your intuitions deceive you.

  • rPi4 and tinyToslink

    UPDATE: It turned out my hardware was faulty and the seller replaced it. The method I described most likely won’t help you 😔. I still loved the journey and will keep the post here. If you are only here for the resolution, click here to scroll there. I have a Bose Lifestyle 28 Series III…

  • Explorian Devlog – Ep 1. The story

    I am a passionate learner. Discovering new concepts, ideas, and their intricate connections is one of my favorite things. It enhances my understanding of our world and improves my ability to navigate it. The best way to learn You have a map when you visit a new place. It shouldn’t be much different when learning…

  • Explorian Devlog – Ep 0. Trailer

    Have you ever heard of a devlog? No? Check it out on Explorian. A “devlog” refers to a documentation or journal of the development process, typically created by video game developers or software engineers, which includes updates, progress, challenges, and insights related to the project. Software development is a journey. A journey that’s best traveled…

  • Do Not Build a Platform

    Insourcing infrastructure and platform building may seem tempting, but it often leads to underestimated costs and substantial opportunity costs. By focusing on your core product and relying on specialized platform providers, you can achieve better outcomes. Embrace the advantages of outsourcing and prioritize delivering value to your customers through your products and services.

  • Just Enough UX

    Value delivered always comes before any UX/UI shenanigans. Users will jump through hoops and slay dragons to get to value. UX is a must up to a point. After that, its value quickly deteriorates.